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We are a team of highly motivated and enthusiastic NHS professionals who have a clear and unique vision. Our vision is to source the best clinicians worldwide and to place them in the NHS to solve the recruitment crisis.

Our team is made up of individuals who are passionate about the success of the NHS. The NHS remains free at the point of service to all users, it is an exemplary and world class service.

At the moment a large portion of the NHS budget is going into a spend on doctors providing a temporary service. For a multitude of reasons this is not the best practice either for doctors or patients.

For a patient it is far superior to have continuity of care and to have continuous care from the same clinician who has permanent employment.

For a clinician it is much better to work permanently in one department or trust. The clinician will have time to acclimatise to that trust and how they work, rather than learning from scratch for every temporary employment.

The brilliant thing about this solution is it that saves the NHS a vast sum of money and massively reduces unnecessary expenditure.

As our team have a medical background we are also passionate about seeing highly motivated and skilled clinicians achieve great things in their careers.

To this end we source them both from home and worldwide. We have a huge amount of contacts worldwide who are just as passionate about healthcare as we are.

They are continuously on the look out to provide us with skilled clinicians. Once we have sourced suitable clinicians we assist and support them throughout the re-location process.

Our involvement does not end there. We guide and support clinicians throughout their careers, helping them to achieve their ultimate career goals. We support NHS trusts by sourcing doctors from all specialties, even the more niche ones.

We are then able to offer continuous training and career development through our medical training academy. We are able to offer mandatory resuscitation training in Advanced Life Support and European Paediatric Life Support in house.

Our Directors

Dr Ayse Huseyin


Ayse is an experienced and enthusiastic consultant in emergency medicine. She is a member of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine and a highly driven individual with a vision of placing the best doctors worldwide in the NHS. In her role she has led multi disciplinary teams and run emergency departments. She is able to source, train and coach  the most talented doctors.

Ayse is a medical director of both ALS and EPALS courses. Having done this for many years she is an excellent educator with world class communication skills. Through her roles she has many global contacts, making her perfectly placed to liaise and place the best clinicians in the NHS.

Andy LeGrove


Andrew was a senior nurse who worked at Band 8 in the NHS, with extensive experience in cardiology, intensive care, emergency care and resuscitation team leadership with a strong focus on clinical skills, clinical staff development and a quality service.

Andrew is a Resuscitation Council, UK ALS Instructor and Course Director and an EPALS Instructor, NLS provider and ACLS Instructor (American Heart Association) . He understands the needs of both NHS and non-NHS hospital resuscitation and mandatory training requirements for clinicians who wish to work in these environments.