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About the company

We are a team of highly motivated and enthusiastic NHS professionals who have a clear and unique vision.

Our vision is to source the best clinicians worldwide and to place them in the NHS to solve the recruitment crisis.

As our team have a medical background we are also passionate about seeing highly motivated and skilled clinicians achieve great things in their careers.

Our Values


As medical professionals and insiders we believe that we are the industry leaders in permanent recruitment in healthcare. We will not stop until we achieve our goal of recruiting the best clinicians to the NHS.


Our founding ethos is to work as a team with clinicians and the NHS to achieve superb results. The chain is only as strong as each link.

Honesty and Openness

We only make promises that we can keep. We always follow through and deliver on what we have promised.

Innovative Solutions

Whatever the staffing problem we will find an innovative solution. No job is too big and no problem is to hard for us to solve.

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